Vitra Lacquer
Vitra Lacquer
The Vitra Desk is a beautiful addition to any office centerpiece. With a simple sleek design, this desk stands out because of its thick glass frame, subtle details and wood drawers. The stainless steel rods add both support and beauty to this glass desk. The glass legs and wood drawers are angled at the top to create a truly unique desk.

The file cabinet sits on four wheels, increasing ease and adaptability. The file drawer is detailed with simple stainless steel handles. The top drawer is perfect for storage while the bottom drawer holds large amounts of files. The cabinet fits perfectly on either sides of the desk or stand-alone piece.

  • Available in white lacquer.

  Width Depth Height Weight CFT
Desk 69" 27.5" 30" 255 35.30
File Cabinet 15.5" 22" 18" 40 5.30